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x 1 traditional outfit
x 1 Icicle (Deals a heavy amount of water damage to all targets)
x 2 Wisdom Fruit (Restores 150 AP to one target)
x 1 SuperVitamin (Restores all HP to one target)

The bell charm, the bangle, and one outfit were on him when the dorms were destroyed.
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Room Assignment: 4-12
Death Count: 1 (Ghirahim [AU])
Regains: -
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All right, folks. Seeing as Fou-Lu is both a final boss and a god-emperor, I need to get a few things from you guys.

1) Can Fou-Lu hurt your character badly if provoked?: While he's relatively unstable from the point in canon I took him from, he still has an air of politeness and dignity… but he's still very dangerous.
1a) If yes, can Fou-Lu kill your character?: I will, of course, do my best to contact you before that happens in order to get case by case permission! This is just in general.
2) Does your character have strong magical power/is your character a god?: The second half is more important, frankly. Endless (gods) in his canon can detect other gods, but they can also notice the flow of other's 'life streams' - not to the point of predicting the future, but an attentive Endless can roughly gauge how powerful something is (mortal/mortal with strong magic/thing affected by an Endless' power/Endless (god)).
3) Anything else?: If your character specifically has something that is super-effective against gods, or has a strong magical shield up (obscuring a power reading), or anything else you think is relevant, please let me know here!

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Player Information

Name: Matt
Personal Journal: [personal profile] atrypical
Age: 22
Contact Info: AIM: demony0uko, Plurk: atrypical
Other Characters Played: Ken Amada [AU1], Ryoji Mochizuki [AU3], Taro Watanabe [OU]
Do you need an invite? No.

Character Information

Character Name: Fou-Lu
Character Series: Breath of Fire IV
Character Age: Appears in his 20s, does not have a known age.
Character Gender: Appears (and probably identifies) as male.
Original Canon
Canon Point: The end of chapter III.
Background Link: Here!
The Endless open the way... )


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Fou-Lu [OU]

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